Style Maniac 7.18.2013

Considering Sandra Benhaim and I met just recently, it’s amazing how her body of work happens to so perfectly capture the mood and editorial calendar of Style Maniac.  Not to mention the weather.  It sure is caliente around here.  Tell me, how do you cope with a heat wave?

by Doreen Creede

Style Maniac

Style Maniac 1.4.2013

“Resolutions, lists, goals — we all make them as we face the new year. Sometimes those wishes come true and you breeze along the highway of life with ease, wind teasing your tresses in a perfect movie moment kind of way, the road ahead smooth and sure.  Other times the best intentions get mired and messy, a traffic jam you can’t escape, a bad hair day that won’t end.  And then there are the times life takes you on a magic carpet ride, to places wildly unexpected and yet somehow cut just right.  I know which journey I’m hoping for in 2013.  How about you?”