Light Amid The Darkness

I’m happy to announce that I completed a commission for a large painting for Servier Laboratories in Boston, MA.

Light Amid The Darkness, 40″ x 60″, acrylic on canvas, was installed November, 2022

Patient Inspiration: Being a young adult cancer patient is so isolating. You watch your friend move on with life, watch their adventures, and listen as they talk about dating and parties, et you are stuck in a horrible alternate reality, the world feels like it’s moving on without you. But you also learn through this journey who your real friends are and you value them deeply. You also learn that once you choose hope, anything becomes possible.

Artist Note: Out of the depths of the deep, dark blue – that is sometimes reminiscent of the upheaval and small (and at time larger) tempests that we encounter in life – is the possibility of light and sunshine, through the warm glows of oranges and yellows, just as you can choose to focus on the light in life, and in art, so too, “once you choose hope, anything is possible.”