Before The Tornado – Gouache, Crayon, Collage on Paper 10″x7″

I work mainly in oil and oil paint stick on canvas and wood panels and find inspiration and wonder in the world around me. In my paintings, I try to express and also celebrate my passion for nature and all its splendor of color and variety. I employ layers of color, as well as juxtaposed colors, to create a visual energy that fascinates me. After working in a representational manner for many years, “little pieces of landscapes” began to mix in my artwork with pure abstractions of color and texture.

Lately, I have created purely abstract images expressing in unabashed and exuberant color my passion for nature. I’ve also begun to investigate collage much more fully – both on paper and other surfaces. Besides paint, crayon, and oil pastel, my collages are made from a variety of items: colored and textured papers, flyers, and cutouts from magazines and from maps. Bits and pieces of these papers and other such items have come from trips abroad to foreign destinations like Paris and The Bahamas.

My work is about “place” and is landscape-inspired, but it is not a representation of a specific location; the viewer is welcome to enter by imagination, memory, and reverie.